LÄSSER L 83 StickmaschineMVD75 - Schifflistickmaschine

1983 – First electronic embroidery machine L 83

40 years ago the company LÄSSER AG introduced the first electronic
embroidery machine L83.

2023 – LÄSSER MVD75 generation

In 1954, Franz Lässer senior founded a mechanical workshop in the centre of Diepoldsau in the St. Gallen Rheintal.
From the very beginning, LÄSSER was more than just a machine manufacturer. The Swiss company, which has shaped shuttle embroidery like no other, is still the driving force in the embroidery industry.
From the first embroidery machine in 1983 to the latest MVD75 developments, LÄSSER AG provides designers, punchers and embroiderers with the tools to bring their creations to life. With intelligent solutions for improved production processes and creative designs, LÄSSER shows the way forward for the embroidery industry.

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