Shuttle embroidery machines

Swiss Embroidery Machines

The LÄSSER MVD73 high-performance embroidery machine is characterized by its excellent quality, great user-friendliness and high reliability.

From the 1.5-meter sampling machine to the 30 meter high-performance embroidery machine, as a standard version or with automatic tool change with thread cut system – everything from a single source form LÄSSER.


first class in performance and embroidery quality


from the design idea to the fabric sample


is another highlight of the product range

Additional attachments

The LÄSSER attachments for sequin, cord, laser and thermocut enable the implementation of a wide range of creative ideas – whether decorative cord embroidery on curtains, sequins on festive fashion, lasered motifs for the Haute couture or elegant thermocut designs.

The attachments are available as Standard Classic 2 or as combinable Challenge 2 devices.


Sequin, Cord, Thermocut, Laser


Sequin, Cord, Thermocut

Shuttle handling

for LÄSSER or Epoca shuttles

In addition to the quality of the thread and the shuttle, the right adjustment of the shuttle also plays a decisive role in achieving excellent embroidery quality.

For this purpose we offer the handy manual shuttle Bert or the semi-automatic shuttle Maxx tensioning device.

The time-consuming cleaning, filling and regulating is done fully automatically with the LÄSSER CUBE shuttle service station.


Fully automatic shuttle filling station

Schiffli Maxx

Semi-automatic shuttle regulation station

Schiffli Bert

Manual shuttle regulation station

Schiffli Maxx Plus

Semi-automatic shuttle regulation station ...