With the installation of our new photovoltaic system on our premises in Diepoldsau, we have completed an important step towards sustainable energy production and environmental protection.

All in all, the photovoltaic system marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for our company. We are proud to contribute to reducing environmental pollution while benefiting economically.

The overall area of the photovoltaic system is 4,500 m2. It is distributed across three halls which, in turn, are optimally positioned to utilise the sun’s power.

With an impressive power of 978 kWp, our photovoltaic system contributes significantly to environmentally-friendly energy generation. This power reflects the efficiency and capability of the solar modules used.

Solar coverage rate:
The system can achieve a remarkable solar coverage rate of approximately 40%. This means that more than a third of our energy demand is covered by the photovoltaic system, which contributes not only to significant cost savings, but also to a reduction of our CO2 footprint.

Environmental impact:
The implementation of this photovoltaic system highlights our commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. By using clean solar energy, we contribute actively to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and also reduce our dependence on external energy producers.

Economic impact:
The photovoltaic system not only has a positive environmental impact, but also leads to economic benefits. The possible solar coverage rate of approximately 40% results in significant cost savings related to the company’s energy expenditures. This means that the substantial investment in the PV system will pay off for the LÄSSER Group in the long term in every respect.