The unique high performance embroidery machine

The high-performance LÄSSER MVD75 shuttle embroidery machine represents the next generation of our successful MVD73. The mechanical part of the machine has been entirely designed and manufactured by LÄSSER, using top-quality materials and Swiss craftsmanship.

There is no longer a choice between high production speeds or superb embroidery quality – the sturdy and sophisticated design of this machine makes both possible. The machine software has been developed by LÄSSER, in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of electronic components. The software is extremely easy to use and provides the user with new setting and storage options.

The MVD75 MULTI V DRIVE can be equipped with all standard LÄSSER applications, such as sequins, cord/ribbon, ThermoCut or BlueCut – in the Classic 2 or
Challenge 2 version.

MVD75 - Schifflistickmaschine

LPilot – your advantage

The intelligent control system


The entire control system of the MVD75 has been critically assessed and designed to deliver maximum performance, exceptional reliability and the lowest maintenance requirements.

Updating the software for the frame movement curves has achieved faster speeds with even better embroidery quality.

All machine functions are completely integrated into the LPilot software and a touchscreen is used to control everything – from the fabric presser for long stitches to the optimised bore movements, or the automatic release of the frame.

An optimised climatisation of the electric cabinet additionally improves the reliability of installed electronic components and extends their service life.
Other functions, such as BorerCut, re-embroidery or a revised speed profile, can be integrated for an even better performance.

Harmonised cam drives

MULTI CAM & MULTI V DRIVE – Shuttle drive par excellence

Further development of the cam mechanism (HARMONIC DRIVE) and the precise transmission of power have delivered, together with the trusted MULTI V DRIVE (articulated drive), a solution of striking simplicity.

The result is an even smoother operation and less wear of the individual parts.

Superb embroidery quality is achieved, even at increased speeds, using high-precision processes with drastically reduced voltages and torsions.


Tailored features

Single thread stop motion


The MVD75 embroidery machine monitors each individual embroidery position.

Should an error occur, the location of the error is shown on the screen and highlighted with an LED.

The thread monitoring system is fully integrated into the machine software.

A system that is completely closed and requires no contact, it also works perfectly with fluffy or dusty fabrics and yarns.

Brilliant solutions

V-CUT – single thread cut

The V-Cut single thread cutter combines customer-oriented development with reliable quality.

The cutting device is equipped with individual cutting elements that require little maintenance and are easily replaced as required or for cleaning.

The optimised V-CUT delivers an even better performance – on both the needle and shuttle side. With simplified processes and reduced process times, the most creative ideas are implemented cost-effectively.

V-CUT – Einzelfadenschnitt

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Re-embroider function

for perfect re-embroidery results

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Here we provide you with all the relevant shuttle embroidery machine documents for download in PDF format.