Fully automatic shuttle filling station

Massive time savings and optimized shuttle control with the LÄSSER CUBE shuttle service station. Cleaning, filling and regulating is done fully automatically.

Thanks to the well-structured and customer-oriented machine software, operation is plausible and simple.

The integrated remote maintenance enables quick and uncomplicated help in the event of faults or operating errors.

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Schiffli Maxx

Semi-automatic shuttle regulation station

With the LÄSSER SCHIFFLI MAXX, the shuttles are regulated and prepared semi-automatically.

The compact and handy tabletop device with programmable logic controller is very easy to use.

The shuttles are inserted by hand, after the shuttles are automatically adjusted to the chosen thread tension. 

The compact, handy tabletop device can be used for RH (right) and LH (left) shuttles.

Schiffli Bert

Manual shuttle regulation station

The shuttles can be regulated manually with the LÄSSER SCHIFFLI BERT.

Well-regulated shuttles are the basic prerequisite for the perfect running of the machine and visibly better embroidery results.

The compact, handy tabletop device can be used for RH (right) and LH (left) shuttles.

The thread tension can be adjusted in gram increments, which are shown on the display.

Schiffli Maxx Plus

Semi-automatic shuttle regulation station with automatic loading station

Der Schiffli Maxx Plus has the same basic device as the Schiffli Maxx, only with automatic loading station.

The regulated shuttles are automatically filled into shuttle transport boxes, which are then used to load the embroidery machine.


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