The sturdy embroidery machine that doesn’t need a trench

LÄSSER makes it possible – a complete embroidery machine, pre-assembled and delivered segment by segment.
The innovative LÄSSER MVD75-850 is a further development of the proven MVD75 series.

  • The MVD73-850 has a smaller frame which is why a trench is not required.
  • The fully automatic winding system means there is no reduction in embroidery height.

Customer benefit:

  • The MVD73-850 does not need a trench.
  • The height of the embroidery machine is only 2.70 m.
  • Stitches are even more precise thanks to the synchronisation of all movements.
  • For long stitches the speed is only minimally reduced which helps to keep the downtime low.
  • Special screws are used to fix the embroidery machine to the concrete floor.
  • This makes machine assembly and eventual relocation much easier.
  • The rigid connection make the machine structure very strong and stable.

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Here we provide you with all the relevant shuttle embroidery machine documents for download in PDF format.