Additional attachments

The LÄSSER attachments for sequin, cord, laser and thermocut enable the implementation of a wide range of creative ideas – whether decorative cord embroidery on curtains, sequins on festive fashion, lasered motifs for the Haute couture or elegant thermocut designs.

The attachments are available as Standard Classic 2 or as combinable Challenge 2 devices.


Sequin, Cord, Thermocut, Laser


The modular CHALLENGE 2 attachment enables flexible work, optionally with sequin, cord thermocut or laser. The different applications can also be combined.

The standardized lift enables optimal access to the various tools, everything is very clearly laid out and can be adapted to the specific product.

Particularly suitable for complex applications and products where the maximum flexibility and the highest quality are required.

The LÄSSER CHALLENGE 2 attachment on a colour change machine with thread cut (LÄSSER MVD73 ATC CUT) opens up almost unlimited possibilities for your creative team.


Sequin, Cord, Thermocut

The fix assembled LÄSSER CLASSIC 2 attachment impresses with its high performance and extremely easy handling.

More than 600 sequin attachments are in service in India every day, whether in 4/4 or 8/4 repeat and mostly on 20-meter machines. With very high efficiency the local sarees or African embroidery for exports are upgraded enormously.

In Turkey or Egypt, thick cord or ribbons are constantly embroidered onto wafer-thin curtains of all kind with the help of the cord device.

With the low-maintenance and very easy-to-use thermocut system, contours can be cut out very cost-effectively directly on the machine.


Here we provide you with all the relevant shuttle embroidery machine documents for download in PDF format.