The flat bed embroidery machine

Based on shuttle-embroidery technology 

The LÄSSER SCHIFFLI HEAD 2 is the world’s only flatbed embroidery machine based on shuttle embroidery technology. Conventional multi head machines use sewing machine technology.

The shuttle can hold up to three times more yarn; this massively reduces downtimes. The thread tension is regulated on the shuttle. The amount of front thread specified by the design is precisely fed in by means of servo motors (LÄSSER SERVO FEED). Using the same borer technology as shuttle embroidery machines, flawless borer holes can be achieved.

The LÄSSER LSH 2 can be equipped with the following heads:
5 needles/1 borer or 8 needles/1 borer

To expand the possibilities, applications such as sequins, cord, thermocut or laser can be installed.

The LÄSSER LSH is available with head distances of 165 cm, 240 cm and 330 cm and in machine lengths from 1.5 yards to 15 yards.

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